Undone, it has begun.

I tremble,
rattle paper bones
scatter pages on stale air,
                        (a rumour)
a filthy lie forming
in the corners of mouths
                      (all mouths taste the same)
scrounged from pockets
from jeans you need to sniff before wearing
plucked like yesterday’s gum when you have none.

dry eyes crumble, fracture a smile
that falls at my feet.
                     (a welcome mat outside a locked door — you never could take no for an answer)

Attention falters fluorescent;
a syncopating rhythm
of sunlight and yawns
here, not here, here, not here,
                   (and nowhere in between)

of days that died, in utero
and synaptic miscarriages;
flares launched over the void,
missed the point.

And in the said and done
I’ll clean up the debris
’till it’s nothing at all
not a vapour nor mist
nor breath of life
a neverwas

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