Proudly Toxic

Today’s society is led by the nose like a fattened calf to slaughter. Integrity, empathy and character suffocate beneath layers of putrefying lard, the congealed apathy laid down by the willfully ignorant.

That Legion of wanton disregard is a demagogue’s whore blinded by the spangle of ‘greatness’ without understanding their girth isn’t wealth but a belly swollen with the suppuration of its wounded people: victims of corpulent egos and gluttonous lifestyles, and is wholly responsible for the decaying humanity and the stench it stitches to our everyday life.

The infection of “success” has us chasing the thin-hemmed skirts of the rich and vacuous whilst climbing on the backs of our most vulnerable: the mentally ill, poor, disenfranchised, and disabled. Unable to reach the pockets of the elite we’ve added the middle class family to the fleshy mountain we climb just to gain a foothold.

We’re locked in a perpetual meme war where we live and die each day reviled or glorified by whimsical pop culture, where truth is found in articulate bullshit of 10 words or less. This same culture promotes aesthetic over character, wealth over effort, and compliance over integrity.

We spend days and nights exorcising and amputating the bits of ourselves our culture has decided are shameful and dark in an effort to fit a perpetually mutating ideal only to end up digging through yesterday’s offal for parts now deemed fitting.

The idea is to keep you disorientated, so busy hopping from one foot to the next trying to stay on the right side of acceptable that we don’t even notice the ridiculousness of it all or the fact that by doing so we’ve aborted critical thought as dissension’s bastard.

Are there dark things and sides that are ‘wrong’ – yes, absolutely, but I save that designation for the truly abhorrent, for the absolute void a lack of humanity leaves, not the shores those dark waters lap. Society paints grey as black and white and most things aren’t.

Our human nature needs to know there are edges not just because they protect us like fences on a cliff top but because those same fences ought to stop arseholes from throwing others off. It’s WHERE we’re putting those fences that I challenge. More and more we see fences miles away from where they’re needed to the point where we’re corralled like cattle and walking in our own filth, unable to enjoy the hills nor the view they offer.

The elite have taken a razor to the criteria for success and religiously whittled it down to an unobtainable sliver whilst ignoring the fact that their own success has more to do with the luck of not being burdened with biological or financial limitations than any ‘God-given’ talent they claim to have. Of course, the tiny shiny ones will deny this because they want to believe their prayers, hard work or skill got them where they are today but every day we see good, talented and hard-working individuals who never make that most elite rank. Instead we stand them up in front of carnival mirrors, distorting and amplifying imaginary weakness in order to label them as sinners and failures thus highlighting their own apparent success.

This condemnation of our majority has also exorcised our compassion. We place misfortune as a bruised and bloodied child in their hands then call child services leaving the elite to feel justified and free to pursue our own greed, our own wants.

Unencumbered by collective responsibility our greed possessed culture closes one eye and grabs a gun, frothing at the mouth as it proclaims its right to deadly force against the starving children who reach across lines drawn in the sand scrounging for crumbs beneath a groaning table laden with food. And when you place deviant people in an environment that focuses on self over the collective needs of society then you get the darkest of depravity blossoming whilst society gazes skyward under the guise of seeking positivism, giddy on the artificially scented plastic flowers.

This disease is running rampant, an infection coursing through our collective body like a slow train wreck waiting to happen and we’re standing on the train tracks admiring the pretty light screaming toward us. Anyone who dares point out what’s coming, point to the cancer growing in humanity’s heart, is seen as a heretic and labelled negative or toxic. And I am; I’m toxic to ignorance, toxic to injustice, toxic to our culture of self-serving agendas and unashamedly vocal about it.

©Copyright Maggie Lawson 2018



17 thoughts on “Proudly Toxic

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  1. I couldn’t believe how alike this was to what my poem this week was about. I was afraid to say anything earlier, because the power and the passion (yes I did the Midnight Oil quote on purpose) in what you wrote here is staggering.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Maggie, I agree with every
    word of your most perceptive
    And they shot the pop prophet
    who sang, “All you need is Love”.
    But not before a timely reminder
    that Instant Karma is going to
    knock the elite off their feet.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not in the least!
        Justice must be seen
        to be done. I’m just a
        bit worried I may be in
        the front of the line for
        Madame Guillotine, when the revolution comes
        (despite me wearing my
        Che Guevara T-shirt 😁).

        Liked by 1 person

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