Healing Trauma

Have you ever had really bad sunburn, skin blistered and raw?

Trauma is like that; it leaves us so sensitive that even a hug is painful. Healing involves avoiding further injury whilst repairing the skin that covers our nerves.

The problem is that the wounded often bring the sun inside with them as lies the event tells them: “people want to hurt me”, “I can’t protect myself”, “I’m not valued/lovable”. The wounded are then subjected to repeated exposure to burning from that internal radiation and healing can’t happen.

Re-framing the event to expose its truth (that external events don’t have to write internal values) and puts the sun outside. Once we’ve let go of the need for external proofs of value then we begin the journey of healing, develop skin strong enough to withstand the scorch of high noon.

But when you’re blistered and raw it’s almost impossible to think of anything other than the pain.

By wrapping the wounded in the soft folds of compassion (as I have been) they’re afforded a protective environment where they can focus on strengthening their resilience by developing a robust internal value system, much like a womb does for a baby.

This is compassion in action; this is love.


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