Closure II: Fetus In Fetu ~ Maggie Lawson


fetus in fetu (2)Whispers,
enough to turn my head,
make me crawl inside
that dank hole,
back to that which birthed me,
and entombed
in the womb of my wounding.

I watch my skin squirm,
writhing crests
climb to silvered peaks.
The death throes
of her dying days
enthrall me

Umbilicaled pain;
just a phantom
of a severed limb
or aborted life
cut off,

like the air
her lungs crave
as she suffocates on ashes
I stuff down her throat
in dry-eyed

Patience is mine
for I am

as will she be.

©Copyright Maggie Lawson 2018

(Read part 1 here)

Maggie chews crayons here: The Art of Chewing Crayons

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