Hearing your voice
caused such a stillness in my head
and maddening storm in my chest.
Every neuron fell silent,
leaned in
and held their breath
as though they were witnessing love
being created for the first time.

My mind is wet with tears,
liquid appreciation
for the beauty experienced
with every fallen word,
every stroke of sound
that caressed my hungry skin.

Ohh, how you woo my soul
to suffocating heights,
pull me into the ether,
send me cascading back to earth
to plummet the watery depths
of your ocean eyes.

And I love that whoosh
deep in my stomach
as I fall,
and faster
into your universe,
a passing meteor
now caught in your orbit.

May my face always know your landscape
as I glide your periphery,
for I am un-apologetically smitten.

And when my own rotation
pulls my eyes away
to view the outer regions
I am pained to return,
eyes seeing only flattened shapes
devoid of colour and texture
by comparison.
Such is the igniting force
of your influence
that you turn this hapless rock
into the sun,
liquid heat at my core
that has me casting light
and warmth in all directions.

Even in death I scorch
with inspired passion
knowing full well the cost
of such energetic expulsions
is the death
and birth
of me.

I become a great black hole,
drawing you into my center,
swallowing you whole
only to birth you
into a new universe
of my own creation.
There, we spin in giddiness,
entranced in each other’s orbit,
wrapped in the black
silk sheets of our dark nebula
for all time.

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