Proudly Toxic ~ Maggie Lawson

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Today’s society is led by the nose like a fattened calf to slaughter. Integrity, empathy and character suffocate beneath layers of putrefying lard, the congealed apathy laid down by the willfully ignorant. That Legion of wanton disregard is a demagogue’s whore blinded by the spangle of ‘greatness’ without understanding their girth isn’t wealth but a belly swollen with the suppuration of its wounded people: victims of their corpulent egos and gluttonous lifestyles, and is wholly responsible for the decaying humanity and the stench it stitches to our everyday life.

The infection of “success” has us chasing the thin-hemmed skirts of the rich and vacuous whilst climbing on the backs of our most vulnerable: the mentally ill, poor, disenfranchised, and disabled. Unable to reach the perch of the elite we’ve added the middle class family to the fleshy mountain we climb just to gain a foothold.

We’re locked in a perpetual…

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  1. I couldn’t believe how alike this was to what my poem this week was about. I was afraid to say anything earlier, because the power and the passion (yes I did the Midnight Oil quote on purpose) in what you wrote here is staggering.

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