All That Glimmers


These moments climb on me
like a wet dog
neglected of maintenance,
the stench of which
clingsย  like shame to empty bones.

Someone heard me echo,
and my hollowness revealed,
I deflated on sharp truths.

Once a delight in a child’s hands
now scurried away
lest I choke the poor mite.

Is there nothing to secure me?
No anchor bold enough
to prevent the constant wreckage
of self on self?

Duplicity is a war of one-on-one
and I cannot win nor lose.

What good is tethering
without a stonghold?
My eyes ache and drag
dry in their caves,
chaffed by constant to’ing and fro’ing
as they plead for land
or the surface;
such is my disorientation

that I know not whether
I’m to swim
or climb
or fall
to safety (or if there’s safety at all).

I’ve been caught
singing after the music stopped
and my insufficiency
rings loudย  in the glaring silence.

People forget that
in the brilliance of full sun
you can’t see a damned thing
no matter how wide-eyed you are.

I should have known
that glittering horizon
wasn’t my new dawn
but another fucking train.

It’s ok,
you can look away,
shelter your eyes
from my shameful nakedness
because I’ve got eyes enough for all of you.

I break,

I bleed,

I falter and fall.

I am not invincible.

Not today, anyway.

22 thoughts on “All That Glimmers

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  1. Life without truth …
    driving the locomotion
    of commotion.
    Truth without love …
    an empty echo
    twisting in the bitter
    winds of sorrow.
    Love without truth …
    drowning in an ocean
    of floundering emotion.
    I asked for truth
    It was far too brutal
    Now I seek love
    today and tomorrow.

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