The Unfamiliar

I did not know you before,

unrainbowed colour.


Your hue dances

between the sweetness of honey

and the heat of spice and yet,

I cannot place you in familiar territory.


Perhaps I’ve seen you reflected

in others eyes but mine,

mine have never fallen,

though they ache to do so.


Did you brush my cheek? My neck?

A hint of warmth melted my ice

and it tickled as it raced home to the river,

falling like tears for the newborn

first laid in my arms.

They were neither happy nor sad, either.



with tremors that roll

like tumbleweed over my skin,

hair spills like paint on my canvas,

bleeding into your strange hue.

I trace my fingers through their borders,

a welcome introduction

that teases as much as it tortures.


You sing an unwritten song

and it clings to my ear

like moist breath,

bringing promises to lips,

cracked and parched by absence.

Hope cannot even whisper

lest she tear them red,


yet she wails,

pitifully silent,

with deep heaving of her chest.


I say goodbye through barred lashes.

11 thoughts on “The Unfamiliar

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      1. France was hot and great. It always is – great that is, not always hot. I’m glad I travelled on the boat this time. The gulls were on best behaviour form, the food something else.

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      2. I’m hoping it’ll be a pleasure but it’s a set of metal numbers – out of comfort zone voice wise. Maybe it’ll be a new art form or, at worst the backing track for an unblocking of blocked drains company ad. Thinking about it, if it was a backing track for blocked drain engineers the royalties should be good.

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