I find you
as i fall,
a hapless droplet,
cool fingers
tracing your terrain.

I hold you
in vaporous arms,
feel you shudder,
watch your skin pique
to my cold kiss.

I envelope you
in warmth,
my embryonic embrace
to your contours,
delighting in the
of our states.

I pour into you
just to leak out
your wounds,
mapping your shape
as i do,
carrying away
the day’s debris.

I rise as a tide
in your eyes,
freefalling from lashes,
ride the swell and hollow
of your face;
a wet caress.

I well in your mouth
with want,
sweet salivation
bathing your tongue.
I flood
until you swallow hard.

I bead on your skin,
swell with effort.
My briny birth
a testament
to your heat.

I am exhaled,
carried on your breath,
moist mist
grazing your lips
on my departure

and wait

to fall,


© All original writing copyright Maggie Lawson 2018

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