Feed Me

I’m starving!

Who will feed me?

To all artisans of the social missive,

Come on now, feed me proper. I have a flood in my mouth, an ache in my pit, and a hankering for something bloody. I want to lose my teeth in its depths, relish a rare bite and feel the deep sigh of satiation.

The mind, void of sufficient stimulation, is a dangerous thing and I’m bored; bored with articulate bullshit, robotic fist pumps and ass-kissing. Under such duress I’m inclined to want to scoop out brains with a teaspoon and use the skull to hold my crayons.

Speaking of crayons; be warned, bring the full box to colour with me as I’m not gifted with tolerance for fluffy stuff but I am a genius at alternative uses for the vacuous spaces between ears.

I’m calling all funky fringe-dwellers, weirdly wordy, pulsing poetics and sanguineous songsters.

Bring your double-entendre entrees; succulent morsels of moreishness that whet my appetite and tease my mind.

Delight with delicacies that roll off the tongue and pleasure the palate, tempting tidbits that tantilise. Seduce with sumptuous soliloquy that leaves me salivating; words dripped like honey on my tongue.

Dare with wild things; offer the repulsive with a twist of lemon, a stark tart reminder that all should be sampled before being rejected.

Bring earth’s offerings; that rich bounty of colour and crispness cleanses palate and soul with its purity and goodness. Rich in intellectual nutrition it affords me guilt-free sustenance to balance my indulgences.

Fill my table with meaty mains remembering to keep mine bloody (I have a predilection for food with a pulse). Bring me seared steak that I might sink my teeth up to my gums in that still-warm flesh and savour the flavour of its bloody juice.

But save the spun sugar for toothless children who know not what they eat; my hunger is for needful things. My taste for empty calories died a bloody death and grief sits sour in my mouth.

Link me the finest literary libations, pile my plate high with the best you’ve seen or written so I might feast on your deliciousness. This girl is mighty hungry!


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