While you sit there all blue blazered and trousered, do you wonder who will be next?

Tom from accounting swallowed a bullet because he likes to swallow dick and some asshole decided, with cool rationale, that this isn’t normal.

Fuck normal.

And Pete the painter gets plastered so he can forget the bruises
and prepare for the next lot she’ll gift him when he gets home.
It’s not like he’ll tell anyone because real men don’t talk/cry/feel, it’s not normal.

Fuck normal.

The MAN sitting next to you goes home and puts on a dress and he feels beautiful. And ashamed. Because someone decided, in their infinite wisdom, that this isn’t normal.

Fuck normal.

But when you all go out on the town and grab some chicks ass and she get’s pissy about it… well, boys will be boys right? It’s normal.

Fuck normal.

Shane and that drop kick cousin of his beat each other to a bloody pulp. Shane had to be diapered and spoonfed for a month but hey, that’s normal.

Fuck normal.

Don’t forget that party the other week where you drank until you passed out and Frank sped down 21st and Colombo at 120 mph just to prove his masculinity. That’s normal.

Fuck normal.

We have heroes in dresses facing a front-line of abuse and a closet of shame because there’s a penis under that skirt instead of a vagina but if that dress is black and you call yourself ‘Father’? Well, that’s normal.

Fuck normal.

I know a MAN who likes to wear a dress who is more of a man than twenty of his trousered counterparts. He is strong, intelligent, and brave. He’s a driven, hard working heterosexual who looks great in red lipstick.

I know a MAN who is homeless who is smarter and more talented than an office full of suits. He’s a brilliant writer of genius proportions who just happens to eat lunch from a can.

We have homeless geniuses and a retards running countries!! How did we get so fucking stupid?

This year 32,000 men will commit suicide in USA.

Let that sink in, 32 fucking thousand brothers, sons, or fathers will kill themselves. And you’re worried about what a man wears or who he loves or how he earns or any other ridiculous definer of masculinity because it’s not normal.

Fuck normal.

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