How to write a man

How to write a man

If you must confine them to paper
please dont make it blue
when their magnificence is soft
and to write them without
their tenderness
is to gut them of substance.

Blend with many colours,
don’t leave him black and white,
don’t paint him as a mighty oak
when he’s the entire panorama.

Have you watched the mighty rapids
crush and disorientate, midstream,
yet support life’s balance
in its periphery?

Just as the same wind
that whorls in utter devastation
lifts a dove to safety.
So too for masculinity
in its tempered power and subtlety

Damn the editors
with their limiting scope!

Write him
for the lovers who understand
there is freedom in his fullness.

Give him a full spectrum palette
that he may find power:
in love beyond lust
not without it,
where the tenderness of his heart
is second only to his kiss
and matched in his tears,
where the passions of his hunger
are a gift of affection
not weaponised destruction.

Lastly give him extra red,
blood red to be exact,
and let him bleed when wounded
for the measure of a man
is not in his ability to resist injury
but to survive it and thrive on it.

Do you see?

Men are tender brutes
and brutally tender.


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  1. Wow, a new way to see a man, for me , anyway. I think I have been guilty of forgetting how sensitive men are, as well. I have been guilty of forgetting that they are pressured to hide their immense feelings and above all else….act tough. Thank you for that refresher course in man.

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