How to write a woman

If you must confine us to paper
please don’t make it pink
when our beauty is in our flaws

and to write us without them
is to strip us
of our most defining features.

Be fearless in your choice
of colours
as you put flesh to our bones
and trust
in our strength to carry the weight
of our fullness.

Have you ever watched
fire dance
over the wood it consumes?
It’s lithe destruction
is aptly feminine.

So too the ocean
with its ability to cradle
buoyant and repose
or drown you
in her depths, wreck
you on rocks.

Damn the critics
with their eyes screwed shut.

Write us
for the lovers who understand
the value of contrast as context.

Strength is our softness
is our weakness,
Wisdom is found
in the folly of our love,
the purity of our sex,
and it’s appetites.

Do you see?

We are exquisite monsters
and monstrously exquisite.

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