You’re right where you need to be…

“Hurry up will you, you’re so slow!” Mother scolds, words thrown over her shoulder.

“Im trying, but.. but..” Little’n puffs between gulps of air, trying desperately to keep up and upright.

“excuses excuses! always with the excuses!”


“Shhh, stop whining, walk faster, we’re behind already.  Look, see?  Everyone else is way ahead!” She spits without glancing back, eyes fixed firmly forward.

Little’n trips, falls, her hand rips from Mother’s.

Angry now, Mother turns.  With thunder on her brow and lightening on her lips she opens her mouth to unleash the storm.  Little’n sits, knees bloody and torn.  A puddle of tears and shame that halts a hurricane.

Mother folds, inside and out, and meet her eye to eye.  “I’m sorry.” The words crackle in static filled air. “I forgot”  She cups the child’s face, thumbs move to erase tears she’d caused.  “I’m sorry I rushed you, expected more than your little legs could give.  I’m sorry I lost sight of where we’re going, and why.  Forgivesies?” 

Little’n nods, red curls bounce in agreement, a fresh smile swells her cheeks in Mother’s palms.

Mother looks around and spots a park, an ice-cream truck.  “Want ice-cream? Let’s take a break!”

“But won’t we be late” Little’n asks.

The sun breaks through bruised blue clouds as Mother smiles.  “Nope, we’re right where we need to be and right on time.”


In an effort to push ourselves to meet societies expectations of success we often demand far more than we’re able to give.  Our journey is our own and we don’t all walk with the same stride.

Be kind to yourself today (and every day), you’re right where you need to be and you’re right on time.

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