For Love and Oceans

You want to dip your toes, you say,
step in my salty wash.
I’m drawn to the idea of you
gliding through my wake.
Stirring up the silt beneath
you’ll fall in my embrace,
my jaded arms will carry you,
bouyant and supine,
just to watch the sunlight
dancing in your eyes.

Come then, friend, and ride the tide,
Safely on the surface.
I’ll speak to you in silence
Of the celestial behest
That keeps me to and fro’ing
And never knowing rest.

This journey will be perilous
I wish it were not so
Look closely and you’ll see the truth;
Bones littering my bed.
I didn’t mean to wreck them so
But I’m guilty, this I know.

Perhaps you’re best on terra firma
And watch as an observer
I’m yet to learn the artistry
Of boundaries and caution
And often thrash and crash about
‘gainst cliffs and jagged rocks,
The very things i long to keep
left flotsam’d on the shore
or swallowed in my darkness
to feed what lurks beneath.

Ignore the lure of exploration
Ignore my siren song
I can’t protect you from the rip
Nor shelter you from storms.
Instead I’ll gaze upon your face
adoring from afar
content with open dreaming
in colours yet unseen.

So stay on land, stay safe my friend
And watch my waters peak
reaching up to touch my want
with spume of my desire
Leaving salty kisses
My tears upon your cheek.


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