Why I Write

I am truly grateful that my adventures into these fantastical realms aren't always done alone but with the company of other writers, other escapees.  They too have discovered the not-so-secret world of imagination and offer themselves to me and I to them.  We merge like mists, dissolving into one another and into shared dreamscapes and at other times thrust upon each other in mock wars where we bleed and battle with fearsome ferocity.  

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  I remember when you swallowed my heart, and wore my body as your own. My skin peaked to your touch and lungs burned for your breath. I remember your eyes painted me in rapture as your fingers drew God in my flesh. Your voice breached my soul’s cipher and cast out the disquiet of... Continue Reading →

Hand-Me-Downs ~ Maggie Lawson


mother and child

So few memories have been written with absolute clarity. Most are faint odours, the lingering fragrance of blooms with bowed heads. The exceptions are all of you; moments carved into my bones, woven between synapses in colours as brilliant as the first day they were painted, rich with the layered scents of blossoms in full pride.

I was folding laundry and noticed the hand prints stamped in mud; the towels had hung at just the right height for you to wipe your hands on them having no regard for the effort I’d taken to wash them. I felt the frustration boil in my belly as I turned and stormed outside to find you. On the doorstep I saw you crouched over your sin and with thunder on my brow and lightning on my lips I opened my mouth to unleash a scolding storm.

You flashed a grin that halted a…

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Love and Hope: The Sadistic Sisterhood (part 1) ~ Maggie Lawson

My piece from Morality Park


love and hope (2)

I’m the smiling assassin
a law abiding anarchist
and a natural borne liar

but, you can call me Hope.

Lean a little closer
tilt your head just so
I’ll drip a little honey
sweet cure for your woes
wounds delivered by my sister’s hand
she’s quite the bitch, you know

I’ll tell you that shadows
are born because of light
and soon a dawn is coming
so just you hold on tight
I’ll respond to ‘are we there yet’
with ‘just a little longer’
whilst swollen with the knowledge
that that star died long ago.

I’ll teach you to savour
the burn of skinless flesh
as I lure you into salt mines
to delight in the deafening
kumbayah of exposed nerves;
a song for deaf ears.

Come a little closer
reach out and take my hand
I’m a sadist of the highest order

but, you can call me Hope.


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Leanan’s Lure

With all my lithe linguistics I am still struck dumb, unable to describe this possession of mind and body where I am balanced on the thinnest cold steel blade.  Severed from reality to roam free yet bound like quarks; we know fulfillment and hunger at the same time. The sight of you stimulates like cold... Continue Reading →


Unleash your winds of fury, snap the trees like twigs, I'll take you in my lungs, exhale you as a breeze. Release sheets of tears, flood my plains, I'll wear your sadness as a blanket, sleep in its folds. Vomit rage and grief into the troposphere, I'll purse my lips and blow it all away.... Continue Reading →

Inside Out ~ Maggie Lawson



I’m a casual observer

of this cannibalistic carnival

where we line up the bruised and broken

in the house of mirrors

just to mock the distortion

exaggerate the distinctions

of society’s abortions.

I’m watching humanity’s hangover;

a shit stain in a toilet bowl

of God’s golden palace

and I’m pounding on the glass

with bloody fists

and a soundless voice


“let me




whilst I run circles in my fishbowl

having yet to climb out

nor understanding

why I want to.

©All original work copyright Maggie Lawson 2018

Maggie L. chews crayons here: The Art of Chewing Crayons

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